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Need help with a dog behaviour problem?

Are you tired of not getting the answers you need for your dog?

Are you ready live a happy life with your dog?

You have come to the right place, I am here to Help! 

It is time to finally understand the unique needs of your dog!

L.E.G.S. ® is a revolutionary new framework that has been created using the comprehensive science of applied Ethology and a wealth of other scientific disciplines and principles.

We get to look much deeper into your dogs behaviour

and become open to WHY the behaviour is happening. 

By practically addressing the real source of the problem behaviours we are able to create solutions that are realistic to make your life better together.

how to live in harmony together, contact me now so we can get started!


Initial Behaviour Assessment & Consultation

  • Virtual Meeting

  • Book your Initial Assessment and Consultation by a Licensed  Family Dog Mediator ®.

  • This is critical to our process and creating your journey to a happy life with your dog.

  • In this call we will discuss your dog and go over how life is for your dog and you.  Using the framework of  L.E.G.S. ®(Learning, Environment, Genetics & Self) we can explore what is happening and what you dog needs to navigate his world with you.

  • Virtual Home Assessment or in person.

  • This will require approximately 2 hours.

  • 2 hours (approximately)


Fitz Your Dog Toolbox 

  • Learn how to enjoy your dog and create the happy life with your dog you are wanting to live!

  • Have the calm and fun life with your dog by learning:

  • Body Language & Communication with your Dog

  • Basic Obedience and Manners, Leash Walking

  • Tricks & Games

  • Enrichment for your unique dog.

  • Virtual Initial Assessment to create your personalized program.

United Puppy Powers Program

  • Professional Guidance for you and your pup through the first year.

  • Learn what your puppy needs to successfully navigate life with you.

  • Build the foundations of a happy dog and a happy relationship through:

  • Body language & Communication

  • House training, barking, chewing and biting

  • Basic obedience and manners and boundaries.

  • Leash Walking

  • Virtual Initial Assessment


Fitz Your Dog Training

  • Learn how to help your dog successfully navigate life with you from your own home at your pace

  • Simple, practical & enjoyable approach

  • Remote assistance is highly effective and it works!