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My Services

Work one on one with a Family Dog Mediator ® who is a behaviour expert to learn how to reduce your dogs aggression, anxiety and fear.  Change the behaviour and get back your freedom. 

All new clients will start with an Initial Assessment/Consultation so that we can take a through history, create a plan together, and decide on the best service options in the future for you and your pup.

Initial Behaviour Assessment & Consultation


All new clients start here:

90 minute session with your Family Dog Mediator ®

Behaviour review

Review training goals

Behaviour Assessment

Outline Training and Behaviour Plan

Live training & coaching

Session Recording

Ongoing support  & resources

 Pricing Starting at $225.00 for Virtual Consult

In-person at my facility or your home

Book a free pre-consult call with me so we can start your journey to happiness with your dog.

Dog Walker

Family Dog Mediation

  • Learn how to enjoy your dog and create the happy life with your dog you are wanting to live!

  • Learn how to have a better life with your dog by learning:

  • What genetic traits your dog may be bringing into your home.

     How to live with the dog you have by learning:

  • Body Language & Communication with your Dog

  • Basic Obedience and Manners, Leash Walking, Recall

  • Enrichment for your unique dog.

  • Virtual Initial Assessment to create your personalized program.

Puppy Program

  • Professional Guidance for you and your pup through the first year.

  • Learn what your puppy needs to successfully navigate life with you.

  • Build the foundations of a happy dog and a happy relationship through:

  • Understanding your dog's needs related to learning, environment, genetics and self.

  • Body language & Communication

  • How to work with common issues such as house training, barking, chewing and biting

  • Basic obedience and manners and boundaries.

  • Leash Walking

  • Enrichment for life!


Training For Life

  • Learn how to help your dog successfully navigate life with you from your own home at your pace

  • Simple, practical & enjoyable approach

  • Learn what your dog was created inherently to do.

  • Find ways that will help your dog adapt in your home.

  • Satisfy your dogs inner needs relating to your unique dog.

  • Remote assistance is highly effective and it works!

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