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Welcome to The Paws & Hearts Club Membership Overview

This is the place where dog caregivers and dog lovers get to learn the dogs' truth together, create clarity about dog behaviour, and understand what dogs need to successfully thrive and live in harmony with humans.

I am dedicated to helping dogs live successful lives with humans by providing dog lovers and caregivers education and clarity related the reason's behind unwanted dog behaviours. This opens the door to finding the solutions that empowers us to give dogs the support they need so they can thrive and live in harmony with humans.

Now is the time to stop the struggles and confusion that can be created when trying to change unwanted dog behaviours, which often, only get worse without the support and guidance of a dog behaviour professional.


My mission is to create a community for dog owners and dog caregivers, who love dogs so much that they are open and willing to learn the dogs' truth and understand dogs in a new revolutionary way. We get to accept each dog as a unique individual being, learn how to help dogs thrive in the human world and create amazing relationships with dogs.

Membership Includes:

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Live Zoom Session Every Monday


Dog Behaviour Conversations -          Learn The Dogs' Truth

Mondays we will journey into the WHY behind the increasing types of unwanted dog behaviours that we are seeing today.

Discussion will include exploring the individual unique self of each dog, the genetic factors affecting dogs, what the dog has learned and the impact of the environment that a dog has and is experiencing.


Q & A Time Included.

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Private Facebook Group

The Paws & Hearts Club Membership Facebook Group

Private Paws & Hearts Club Facebook Group- Members Only, so that we can all be a part of a community that genuinely supports dogs and each other with all of our our questions, challenges and our wins!

All recordings are available in this group.

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Live Zoom Session Every Thursday


There is a Hack For That

Fridays we get to continue the behaviour conversations and explore the solutions that will make life so much easier for you and dogs. Including the life changing HACKS that will make supporting dogs fun and help you to create great relationships with all dogs.

Q & A Time Included.




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Monthly Guest Speakers, Interviews & More!

Continuing Education For Life

Monthly opportunities to hear from dog experts, so we can keep learning more about how to help dogs live better lives, and we can all have better relationships with dogs.

We are all students when it comes to learning about dogs.

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One To One Support & Guidance

Founding Member Benefits!

You get the support and guidance of a Licensed Family Dog Mediator ® for a one hour consultation and create a personalized plan for you and your dog behaviour concerns. This will be followed by one half hour meeting monthly so you can have the support and clarity related to your dog or dogs that are under your care.




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One Year Membership

For a limited time I am offering One Year Membership to The Paws & Hearts Club for only $250.00 CAD.

Do not miss this opportunity to create the relationship you have always wanted with your dog.

Yes! I am ready to  join

The Paws & Hearts Club Membership Now!

$94/Month CAD

Speak With Jodie

I am Jodie Fitzgerald

Licensed Family Dog Mediator ®

I would love to hear about you and your dog behaviour concerns. 

Book a call or email

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